Healthcare providers -whether doctors, nurses, midwives or clinical officers - work exceedingly hard and, despite their education, often struggle to make ends meet.  MCI helps to provide salary support and educational opportunites for these essential staff  so they can continue to provide compassionate care under difficult circumstances.

Malawi Children's Initiative pays school fees for impoverished children and adults. As detailed in the book, The boy who harnessed the wind, by William Kamkwamba, schools fees of as little as $10 a semester can be out of reach for many Malawians. Education opens many doors for young Malawians.


 Malnutrition and starvation are all too common in Malawi. There is a time of year "the hungry season" when most farmers have finished last year's food and are awaiting the new harvest. Malawi Children'sInitiative  provides meals and nutritional support to families of children on the pediatric wards of Kamuzu Central Hospital.