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How You Can Help

Donate Directly

Every penny donated goes directly toward locally-directed initiatives to improve the lives of Malawian Children.

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Become a Sustainer

Set up monthly contributions. Sustainers allow MCI to budget and plan for the future. Click the "Donate" button or email us and we'll sign you up!

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Help Us Spread The Word!

Like, Share, or Create an Event on Facebook! Click the image below to link to our page.

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How Your Support Helps

$8 USD augments locus salary for a nurse's 12-hour shift at Kamuzu Central Hospital, dramatically improving care in the pediatric ward

$30 funds a child's primary education for a semester

$100 funds a child's secondary education for a semester

$100 funds the operations of the KCH Pediatric laboratory for a day

$150 provides a life-saving CT scan

$200 provides daily meals for a month to about 20 guardians caring for their children in hospital who would otherwise be unable to eat

$500 covers the monthly salary for a Pediatric nurse to care for children on the ward

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