Elizabeth Fitzgerald, MD

Co-Founder, President, and    Board Chair

Elizabeth is a pediatric emergency department physicians who has lived and worked with her family in Central America and Malawi and was inspired to start MCI after witnessing the suffering of children. She has 5 children, two of whom are twins adopted from Malawi. 


Rhoda Phiri

In-Country Project Director

Rhoda is our local Malawian that manages all of the logistical issues in Malawi for MCI. She is a great asset and an amazing person and has worked at the Baylor Center for HIV. She is pursuing a degree in Nutrition. 


Melissa Culp, MEd

Advisory Board Member

Melissa is a healthcare professional and educator with extensive non-profit leadership experience. She visited Malawi initially in 2013 and has supported programs since that time to advance health equity and human capacity development in the country.

rom colindres.jpg

Romulo Colindres, MD

Board Member


dave MD pic.png

David Fitzgerald, MD

Co-Founder and Board Member

Dave is an infectious disease physician who has lived and worked with his family in Central America and Malawi and was inspired to start MCI after witnessing the suffering of children. He has 5 children, two of whom are twins adopted from Malawi. 


Eeamon Fitzgerald

Board Member

Eamonn is a high school student who has lived in Central America and in Malawi and has grown up motivated to help the poor 


David McEntee, CPA

Co-Founder and Board Member

David has 3 children and is inspired by them to continue to improve the lives of children in Malawi. 


Amy Bedier Kairys, MA

Board Member

With a background in Clinical Psychology and Child Studies, Amy is dedicated to supporting children and their families.  Through local charities and schools, she has worked to combat child malnutrition, promote literacy, and teach STEM enrichment programs for girls.  Amy lives in Chapel Hill with her two teenagers and is honored to be a part of The Malawi Children’s Initiative.  


Laura Ruegsegger, BSPH

Board Member

Laura lived in Malawi as a research assistant for several studies including infant immunity, childhood pneumonia, and HIV. She currently works for UNC's CFAR HIV Clinical Cohort. Her main interests are in global health development and women and children's health.


Jason Wares, MBA

Board Member