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Our US Board of Directors

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Elizabeth Fitzgerald, MD

Elizabeth is a pediatric emergency department physician. She began her career in global health in 2005 as the medical director of a clinic serving the Mayan mountain region of Southern Belize. Since 2019 she has been the Director of Pediatric Global Health at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She has spent a decade working with her Malawian colleagues to improve the care of hospitalized pediatric patients.

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David Fitzgerald, MD

Dave is an adult Infectious Disease doctor who lives and works in North Carolina. With Elizabeth and the family, he has spent several years in Malawi taking care of patients with TB and HIV.

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Romulo Colindres, MD

Rom is a pharma executive and business leader  with robust experience at the CDC and in industry leveraging innovation to advance healthcare.


Amy Kairys 

With a background in Clinical Psychology and Child Studies, Amy is dedicated to supporting children and their families.  Through local charities and schools, she has worked to combat child malnutrition, promote literacy, and teach STEM enrichment programs for girls.  Amy lives in Chapel Hill with her two teenagers and is honored to be a part of The Malawi Children’s Initiative.  


Laura Ruegsegger

Laura lived in Malawi as a medical student and research assistant for several studies including infant immunity, childhood pneumonia, and HIV. She currently works for UNC's CFAR HIV Clinical Cohort. Her main interests are in global health development and women and children's health.


Jason Wares, MBA

Jason is an experienced business professional with past consultative roles in finance, healthcare research, and clean technologies. Currently, he is a monitoring, evaluation, and learning specialist for IMC Worldwide.

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