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In 2017, MCI began by providing meals to patients' families at KCH, many of whom are subsistence farmers without access to funds to purchase food when away from their villages.

Since  2019 we have focused our efforts on improving the care of children with Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM). The KCH Department of Paediatrics admits about 500 children with SAM per year, and one in ten of these children will die on the wards. Over the last 3 years MCI has worked in partnership with the Department of Paediatrics and a consortium of universities working in Malawi (PACHIMAKE) to strengthen the care of severely malnourished children admitted to KCH. We have helped facilitate a locally-led Quality Improvement project that uses hospital data to address gaps in the cascade of care for this high-risk group of patients. This has included the hiring of a Clinical Officer, four full-time nutritionists, and two nurses to work on the KCH Nutritional Rehabilitation Unit (NRU), trainings for nurses and clinicians, and provision of supplies when there are shortages.

Meet Mwawi Nyirongo, MSc, who was hired by MCI in 2021. She is a Clinical Officer leading the NRU, which is a unit that takes care of children with severe acute malnutrition, the most severe form of malnutrition. Mwawi oversees clinical care, interfaces with the Ministry of Health to ensure that patient data is collected and reported, teaches new interns and students, and manages the resources for the NRU. She has a degree in Maternal and Child Health from the United Kingdom and a long history of working with underserved women and children in Malawi. We are honored to have Mwawi Nyirongo on the MCI team!

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