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Our Mission

Malawi Children’s Initiative strives to improve the lives of children in one of the poorest countries in the world, where the average citizen earns $754 a year.  Each year in Malawi, 43,000 children under the age of 5 will die (7% of children will die before they turn 5). The leading causes of childhood deaths include malnutrition and treatable infections such as malaria, respiratory infections, and diarrheal illnesses. 70% of the population lives below the international poverty line of $1.90 per day.  

We hope to raise awareness about these conditions, raise funds to support vulnerable children and raise the hopes of Malawian Children.

News and Updates

January 01, 2020

24-Hour Run for Malawi

The 24-Hour Run and Festival for Malawi raised over $32,000! There were over 100 runners and 400 people at our festival!! Renovations for the lab in Malawi begin this week! THANK YOU to the runners, the pledgers and donators, and the friends and family who made this happen. We are so honored and overwhelmed by the love and support.

Founders of MCI, Drs. Elizabeth and David Fitzgerald honored by 97.9 The Hill news station as Hometown Heroes. Click the photo to hear the full story!

January 01, 2019

2018 Update

Click on the picture to review our accomplishments in 2018.  Thanks to all our donors!!

December 23, 2018

Radio Interview with Elizabeth Fitzgerald

Listen to Elizabeth Fitzgerald, MD discuss MCIs work on WCHL, 97.9!!  Click on the picture to listen.

November 11, 2018

Beautiful Children Sponsored by MCI

These are some of the amazing children sponsored by Malawi Children's Initiative. Without MCIs support many would not be able to attend school.  Please help give them a bright future. 

November 04, 2018

Newsletter Nov 2018

Check out our newsletter - click on it to read the full letter. 

October 28, 2018

Dzama schoolhouse completed!

Malawi Children's Initiative is pleased to announce the completion of a new schoolhouse for Dzama Orphan School. Thank you all for your generous support of this project. Once started the school building was done in less than 4 months and for less than $13,000!  Now 100 children can attend beyond the 4th Grade.

December 06, 2017

Old Stories

Want to read more about things Malawi Children's Initiative has done in the past? 

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How can you help?

More about Malawi Children's Initiative 

Donate Directly

Every penny donated goes directly towards our initiative to better the lives of Malawian Children

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Become a Sustainer

Set up monthly contributions. Even the smallest donations can go a really long way in Malawi. Click the "Donate" button or email us and we'll see you up!

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Help Us Spread The Word!

Like, Share, or Create an Event on Facebook! Click the image below to link to our page.

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Host an Event

We are thankful for our community's support. Some previous examples include dinner parties, the 24-Hour Run, and elementary school partnerships. Have an idea? We'd love to help you plan!

The seed of Malawi Children’s Initiative was planted between 2011 -2013 when the Fitzgerald family moved to Malawi to live and work. There they daily witnessed extreme poverty, malnutrition and illness unlike anything they had ever seen.  Working full time as physicians, caring for adults and children with HIV, tuberculosis, malaria and malnutrition, they were inspired by the day-to-day struggle to survive of both their patients, and the people they met on the streets.
Outside of their work they wanted to do more.  With a strong belief in education they started by funding school fees for children they encountered who were in need.  They also tried their hand at microfinancing small ventures, providing food for children and guardians at the central hospital, and supporting a local social worker in her work. They also adopted 8-month-old twin boys who had recently been orphaned, bonding the Fitzgerald family forever to the people of Malawi. 
After returning to the United States they have continued their support of the initial programs and have worked to expand them. Malawi Children’s Initiative was born of their desire to do more for the Malawians they have come to love and respect.  

For more of the Fitzgerald Family  story see:

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You can contact us or donate by check to:

Malawi Children's Initiative

121 Graylyn Drive

Chapel Hill, NC 27516



MCI is a 501c3 non-profit
EIN number 82-0674504

All funds donated to MCI are used for care and education in Malawi, minus financial fees for donations and for money transfers. 


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